A downloadable game for Windows

A little co-op shoot 'em up prototype made with 2 others to test out a variety of things: FMOD, creating SFX, new coding practices, etc. 

Though there's nothing novel or complex, it's amazing how much I could learn from developing such a simple little prototype. 

Some things I took away from this project:

- The importance of avoiding sound fatigue.

- Placement of UI elements greatly influences player behavior.

- How player cooperation is affected by individual vs. combined scores.

- The ability to communicate with partners + game through a singular verb is powerful.

- Consistency in the shape language & colors employed as signifiers will also build a visually appealing and cohesive look.

- FMOD is great, wow (terrible programmer speaking).

- Component-based coding is literally the only way.

- Camera shake can't solve all your game feel problems. In fact, camera shake in the prototype is almost jarring given the immobile camera at any other point in time. Perhaps the camera could zoom in or out (very slightly, of course) relative to the distance between players to make the game a little more kinetic.

- Always keep in mind the venue and circumstances in which your game is being played. The verbal communication between two players sat very closely together elevated testers' experiences with the game. 

Install instructions

Extract all files in same location, open .exe. 


SSSS-Prototype.zip 25 MB

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